Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer – Slicing Tool


The Homemaker Watermelon Slicer’s unique composition allows you to make clean and quick slices in watermelons, cantaloupes, honeydews and more without breaking a sweat!
Features rounded edges and non-sharp blades, making it perfectly safe around children
Easily slices into your Watermelon allowing you to scoop and cut out pieces
Get the most out of your watermelon with this handy little utensil
Stainless Steel,Dishwasher safe kitchen Tool

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Countertops stay clean as you neatly slice, lift and serve watermelon right from the rind with this handy tool. Just place tool claw down to sweep through watermelon, slicing all the way to the rind. Then flip the tool and use like tongs to lift out the one inch wide slices. Less mess, less waste. Easier Way to Slice: Its curved shape tends to wobble,it makes cutting safe and easy by coring through the fruit’s soft center, eliminating the need to fumble with sharp blades and keeping the chef’s fingers and hands safe throughout the process Core and Serve: The curved blades of this kitchen gadget trace along the inside of the melon, quickly detaching the juicy pink fruit from its rind in perfectly uniform pieces Durable Material: The slicer is made from a durable stainless steel, which gives it a sleek, shiny surface that is easy to clean and maintain after use

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