3-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set


MAINTENANCE-FREE BAMBOO CUTTING BOARDS: this bamboo cutting board set is almost zero maintenance as it has extremely hard wood density and wouldn’t easily crack or warp like other types of wood; it also resists retaining water, so all you need to do after washing your bamboo cutting board under a running tap (never soak) is to wipe it dry and it’ll last for many years
EXTREMELY HARD BAMBOO CUTTING BOARDS: on other types of wooden cutting boards, knives may leave their marks where dirt and moisture are easily trapped and bacteria will thrive; these bamboo cutting boards for kitchen are extremely hard and are not susceptible to knives scarring, so they wouldn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria; to clean your bamboo cutting boards for kitchen properly, pour a mixture of hot water and light soap over the cutting board slowly and then towel dry
STAIN RESISTANT BAMBOO CUTTING BOARD: the beauty about bamboo cutting boards is that they’re stain resistant; so dark-colored fruits, vegetables and meat will not leave unsightly stains on them; this means that the cutting board will sport that natural woody texture and grain for a long time to come
SET OF THREE CUTTING BOARDS MADE OF BAMBOO: this set of bamboo cutting boards sports small, medium and large sizes to suit your various cutting needs and easily separates your cutting of cooked and raw food so cross contamination will not occur; best thing is, these bamboo cutting boards wouldn’t blunt your knives, so you don’t have the hassle of having to sharpen your knives often
SPECIFICATIONS: set of three bamboo cutting boards of small, medium and large sizes

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Elegant and heavy-duty bamboo cutting boards to jazz up your kitchen style

Sporting a classy natural look, this bamboo cutting board set is your durable and hygienic assistant in the kitchen.

Almost maintenance-free bamboo cutting board

Not all wooden cutting boards are created equal. While some wooden boards are prone to knife scarring, bamboo is a high density wood that’s extremely hard and very durable. Which is why our bamboo cutting board requires almost zero maintenance and wouldn’t crack or warp over time.

Knives can’t scar the bamboo cutting boards

There could be an insidious way in which bacteria can breed on a cutting board. If knives leave their marks on the cutting board, the tiny grooves can easily trap bits of food and moisture, which in turn becomes a bacteria breeding ground. Sounds disgusting, right? However, with our hardy bamboo cutting boards, knives can barely leave a faint mark on them. To deep cleanse them once in a while, slowly pour a mixture of hot water and soup or bleach (1 tablespoon of bleach to one gallon of water) over the cutting board and then towel dry. Though bamboo is naturally water resistant, it’s not a good idea to soak the cutting board in any liquids.

Stain resistant cutting boards

Best thing is, the bamboo cutting boards for kitchen are stain resistant. This means deep-colored vegetables, fruits and meat don’t leave unsightly stains on them. So you’re going to have the elegant looks of natural bamboo for many years to come.

Various sizes in one bamboo cutting board set

These bamboo cutting boards for kitchen are available in small, medium and large sizes in a 3-piece set. This will enable you to easily separate your cutting boards for cutting cooked and raw food. Bye. Bye cross contamination!


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