Cooking Tongs / Stainless Steel Tongs with Silicone Tips and Rubber Grips (14 inches)


MADE OF FOOD GRADE MATERIALS: the kitchen utensils tongs are made of high quality materials which lets you pick up food and barbecue with peace of mind; all the materials are BPA free and have a heat tolerance between -104℉ and 464℉, which means the rubber tongs can withstand the cooking heat
USER-FRIENDLY LARGE TONGS: the stainless steel kitchen tongs are thoughtfully designed to let you use it effortlessly; with a safety lock mechanism, you can quickly open and close the stainless steel kitchen tongs for ease of use and storage; plus, the rubber grips give you a firm grip every time
EASY CLEANING AND STORING: the durable stainless steel tongs are dishwasher safe – just put them away from the jets or on the top shelf; after washing, you can hang it on the wall or stow it away in the drawer
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL STAINLESS STEEL KITCHEN TONGS: designed to help you grip and flip food effortlessly, you can use these stainless steel serving tongs for grilling food, holding a piece of meat or tossing a salad
SPECIFICATIONS OF METAL KITCHEN TONGS: 14” long with rubber grips; dishwasher friendly

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Become the hostess with the mostess with these kitchen utensils tongs

Super easy to grip, flip and keep, this pair of kitchen tongs raises to the occasion when you need it.

Crafted from food grade materials

Rest assured that this pair of long kitchen tongs can withstand the high heat of cooking and grilling. It’s crafted from food grade stainless steel which has a heat tolerance of between -104 and 464̊F, and the rubber grips are BPA free. This ensures that no harmful chemicals will seep into your food with you’re using the kitchen tongs.

Thoughtfully designed metal tongs kitchen

The kitchen metal tongs have a self-locking mechanism which you can easily lock the tongs when you want to keep it in the drawer. When you’re ready to use it, it’ll spring open immediately when you unlock it. Best thing is, the stainless steel tongs for cooking has rubber grips which make it effortless to pick or flip food even if you’ve oily fingers. With a long 14 inch length, you can grill food and flip it with peace of mind without having to worry that the heat may burn your hands.

Versatile stainless steel tongs for cooking

You can grip meat and flip it on the grill, toss a salad easily, hold food up to snip into small pieces or serve food elegantly. A useful tool for barbecue parties, lunch gatherings or any celebrations where food is the star.


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