4-piece Non-slip Kitchen Cutting Mat Set, Color Coded With Food Symbols To Prevent Cross Contamination


FLEXIBLE CHOPPING MATS MADE OF DURABLE PLASTIC: the cutting mats are made of flexible plastic that wouldn’t blunt your knives, so that saves you time and effort from having to sharpen them often; the thin plastic cutting boards are also flexible enough for you to fold and conveniently transfer your ingredients from the cutting board into your cookware
FLEXIBLE CUTTING BOARDS THAT ARE SAFE AND EASY TO USE: rest assured that the flexible cutting board mats are BPA free and wouldn’t leech harmful chemicals onto your food; with a non-slip bottom that doesn’t slid around when you’re using it, the kitchen cutting mat is a pleasure to use
COLOR CODED WITH FOOD SYMBOLS FOR EASY REFERENCE: if you were to use the same cutting board to chop up vegetables and raw meat, cross contamination may happen; these colorful flexible cutting boards for kitchen even sport food symbols to enable you to effortlessly differentiate which one to use when handling your food, thus minimizing the possibility of cross contamination; green for vegetables, orange for fruits, blue for fish, and red for meat
EASY-TO-CARE FOR SMALL FLEXIBLE CUTTING BOARD: the flexible plastic cutting board is top-shelf dishwasher friendly; best thing is, they’re odor resistant, which means they’re hygienic to use
SPECIFICATIONS: set of four cutting mats for kitchen with different colors and food symbols; made of flexible plastic

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Flexible assistants in the kitchen

Does your cutting mat for kitchen move around on the countertop when you’re using it? Our flexible cutting mats for kitchen are non-slip and wouldn’t move around when you’re using them. Read on to find out what other advantages they boost.

Made of flexible plastic

The cutting kitchen mat is made of durable plastic which offers a sturdy platform for you to cut, julienne or mince your cooking ingredients while not blunting your knives. This means you don’t have to keep sharpening your knives regularly. Moreover, their flexible plastic material lets you fold up and conveniently transfer your prepped ingredients directly into frying pans or pots. No mess, just culinary finesse.

Safe-to-use-kitchen cut mat

These plastic cutting mats for kitchen are BPA free, meaning that they don’t leech the harmful chemical into your food, making it very safe for you to use.

Non-slip flexible kitchen cutting mats

These BPA free kitchen cutting mats are non-slip and will not move on your counter top while you’re using it. This makes cutting so much easier for you.

Non-absorbent and odor resistant surface

The kitchen cutting mat is non-absorbent, so the food juices and liquids will never be be retained within. This also makes the cutting boards odor resistant, which makes it absolutely hygienic and a pleasure to use.

Color coded to prevent cross contamination

Cross contamination happens when you use the same cutting board for both cooked and raw food. Raw food, especially raw meat will likely have bacteria on them. If you place cooked food on the same board without washing it or it isn’t clean enough, the bacteria on the board will be transferred to the cooked food, contaminating it. Which is why the different colored thin plastic cutting boards and the food symbols on them are so helpful in helping you distinguish them to minimize cross contamination.


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