Non stick Cooking Utensils In 5-piece Set (Including Slotted Spatula, Spoon, Ladle, Strainer And Spaghetti Fork)


MADE OF RIGID, STRONG AND HEAT-RESISTANT MATERIALS: these non-stick cooking utensils are made of nylon, which is rigid and strong enough to stir anything when you’re cooking or baking; please note that while these non stick kitchen utensils can withstand heat up to at 400 F, it’s dangerous to leave them in simmering/hot pots or pans for a prolonged period of time
USER-FRIENDLY NON STICK KITCHEN UTENSIL SET: the handles of these non stick cooking utensils set are wrapped in silicone which is effectively heat-resistant and can protect your hands from being scalded when you’re handling them; the non-slip silicone surface also helps to prevent accidental slipping; all the handles of the utensils are ergonomically shaped so you can be holding them comfortably and securely when cooking or baking
BPA-FREE NON STICK UTENSIL: the non stick kitchen utensils set is BPA-free and wouldn’t leech harmful chemicals into your food or baked goods, so you can use them with peace of mind
WOULDN’T SCRATCH YOUR NON-STICK COOKWARE: utensils made of metal or wood could easily scratch and damage the non-stick surface of your cookware; however, our non stick utensils are very safe to be used together with non-stick cookware since they wouldn’t scratch their surfaces
SPECIFICATIONS: 5-piece non stick cooking utensil set which includes slotted spatula, spoon, ladle, strainer and spaghetti fork; silicone-wrapped handles; dishwasher safe

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Cooking and baking is a joy with non stick cooking utensils

Tired of seeing food stick to your utensils and then having to vigorously scrub them afterwards? Make cooking or baking a little more relaxed with these non-stick cooking utensils.

Made of strong and BPA-free materials

The non stick kitchen utensil set is made of nylon, a strong and rigid material which makes it effortless to stir, flip and serve your food and baked goods. However, while nylon is heat resistant, be careful not to leave your non stick kitchen utensils in hot pans or simmering pots for a prolonged period of time as that could become dangerous.

Ergonomic silicone wrapped handles

We know how tiring it is to have to work with utensils that are not well made or thoughtfully designed. Rest assured that our non stick cooking utensils set is very well designed with heat resistant silicone-wrapped handles which protect your hands from being scalded when you’re handling them. The silicone handle also makes for a non-slip and more comfortable grip. So you can be safely cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Wouldn’t scratch your non-stick cookware

Ever had your precious non-stick frying pan or pots scratched by metal spatulas and wooden spoons? This non stick kitchen utensils set will never scratch or damage the non-stick layer on your cookware. So your non-stick pan can serve up more piping hot meals for the family for many years to come. Oh, did we mention that the non stick utensils are also dishwasher friendly? Just put them on the top shelf or away from the jets. Yay!

BPA-free non stick utensil

As we only use top quality materials that are BPA free to make our non stick safe utensils, don’t worry about having chemicals leeching into your food while you’re stirring or cooking your food.


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